What would you do in this case?

There's this dude I *sort of* like and we see each other like once or twice a week at the art classes. It's not that I'm obsessed with him or anything I would just consider dating him. He's absolutely talented and chill as fuck and I wanna break the ice somehow but it's fucking awkward. I don't know how to even start lol. We talk and all cause we're in the same class but nothing more than small talk and random comments on each other's work. He's kinda reserved and I'm afraid to ask him out lol cause I've never asked someone out. Actually wanted to do it yesterday but I'm afraid I'd look dumb as fuck cause he'd probably say no instantly-_-
Wot do?
Ask him out
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Not a good idea wait for him to do that
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GO DIE lmao
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+1 y
I forgot to mention... I'm insecure to ask him out cause I don't know if he has a girlfriend or not
+1 y
Thanks everyone for your opinions but he has a girlfriend so I just turned the page haha
What would you do in this case?
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