What is the timeline of a relationship?

So I'm starting to date like an adult, b/c I'm graduating and dating men I don't go to school with. So, generally, what is the timeline of a prospective relationship? I know it tends to vary from couple to couple, but just in the general sense if you could answer the following:

1. When is it "official"? If you have "the talk", when does that happen?
2. How do you deal with them dating other people before you ARE official?
3. When do the firsts happen? (kiss, sex, etc)
4. Lengthy: On the radio they were talking about this, and how people say "I love you" like 1.5 months in, and meet the friends a month in... I can't imagine either of those for someone I'm not even official with yet!! What do you think?
5. How can you love someone you barely know? I'd probably say it at 6 months.
6. How does texting change in the early vs later stages? Do you go days without talking sometimes?
What is the timeline of a relationship?
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