Should I Wait or Give Up on this girl?

So I've been hanging out a lot with this girl that I met around 2 years ago. For awhile we would hang around with friends, but in the past few months we've been hanging out almost exclusively one on one. We are best friends on snapchat and have long conversations on there every day. I even took her to prom as "friends." Well the other night I let her know my feelings for her, and then hinted at us maybe giving a relationship a try, and she very awkwardly said "I don't know." She then tried to change the conversation to other things. I tried to press her a little bit but not too much to see if I could get an answer, like asking her "Could you see us dating?" She said she could, but then she kinda shut down and said "I need a night to think about it." So I let her go, and driving home thinking about it I kinda got the vibe that she doesn't really want to date. Then the next day during a late night snapchat conversation I told her out of the blue that It was ok to let me down hard, I was ok with a no. She didn't respond, and I panicked, told her that I was sorry if i was being a little pushy, then she said she didn't know what to say, before finally telling me that it wasn't that she didn't like me but she just didn't want a relationship right now, and she didn't want to let me down hard or hurt our friendship. I conceded, we agreed we still want to be friends, and we've still been talking for a few days now. It's been really hard for me to try and move past her. I've been thinking a lot about what she said and trying to analyze it, and I've wanted to bring it up again but I feel it's probably inappropriate at this point. I'm thinking either she doesn't like me and is trying to preserve our friendship or she's confused and doesn't know what she wants. She did note to me that she's bad with emotions and feelings. So with all of this, I ask 1. Is there still a chance with her? and 2. How can I bring this up without further hurting our friendship?
Should I Wait or Give Up on this girl?
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