If all a guy wants is to kiss you, does that mean he's only after my body?

Cause we just started talking right and flirting. and all I hear is You hot, so pretty, sexy, and I wanna kiss u. I wanna see more of u. blah blah

tho he spends time with me any chance he gets and chats me up at night online. but somehow I DO NOT BELIEVE HIM AT ALL.



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  • i have the same exact issue! I hate it cause you don't know wether they are honestly sayin that or they just want you in bed then dump you so my mom told me to keep in mind who would bye the cow when they get the milk for free . I hope I was a little help.


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  • Desire for intimacy and desire for sex are not one and the same.

    • So which one is it?based on what I wrote here

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    • I guess you're right.

    • Congratulations.

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  • To some guys, yes.. Not all though.. You should pay attention at his actions.

    Usually you should go with what your gut tells you..

    If you feel as though that's all he's after then let him know he can't get any of it. XD

    Be careful.

    • I know but he's confusing me. lol. but he told me that he can't read me either and his actions so far are lame. lol. weak. well we work together so its hard to hang out a lot but he did ask me out one day. he said he wanted to hang out and talk outside work and get to know me more... so I dunno. lol. thanks tho. nice bangs girlfriend love it.

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    • Okay, how about stop over thinking his every move and words now haha XD

      You should make the first then..

    • Girl, hint hint! lol

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