Dating dynamics?

I feel like we live in a day where you can be attractive but get no dates, unattractive but get dates. A sleaze ball, but be seen as attractive, or a refined gentleman, and struggle meeting a refined, classy woman. She might be looking for fun or hook ups, non-committed affairs.

Why are things so effed up? I'll go to online dating sites, change my zip code depending on where I am and get like 5 likes on the site within a day, I've been liked in total 80 times or so, then I'll like and message a few attractive girls, maybe get a profile view out of them, but they won't respond.

Tinder and bumble girls just flat out won't like me, I rarely get matched there. At all. Meanwhile, I'm doing really good for myself and have an upstanding image, and nothing ever happens. I'm obviously likeable (I guess?)

Are certain sites better than others, where girls are actually serious? Where I can actually maybe get a response from a pretty girl?
Dating dynamics?
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