Is "I was drunk" an excuse?

we've been separated for a while now but were at a party last night and he put me in a corner and started touching me - no kiss because I turned away.

I suspect he wasn't as drunk as he claimed to be. He seemed aware and normal with his actions.

Is this an excuse to say well maybe he was just bored or something or is it a cover up for something more he may want to say?


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  • Ahh the demon drink. See men go one of two ways with drink as far as women go - either they like you and it gives them the guts to make a move OR they don't really like you and they just act on male impulses because they have had a drink.

    Your best bet is to see him sober and see how he behaves. Women can ALWAYS pick up on a man's behaviour and so I'm sure if he has something to say it will come out in the end.

    Perhaps he wanted to do what he wanted to do but without repercussions and that's why he claimed to be drunk.

  • I am assuming you two have gone out befre based on the first sentence. If he seemed aware and normal then he probably did know what he was doing. When you are that drunk, you don' go around saying "Hey everyone I am so freaking drunk." You are too drunk for that. (Don't as me how I know hehe). So I don't think he was that drunk either. He probably just said that as an excuse to get with you. I don't know if he wanted sex, or just to be close to you. He probably misses you and wants you back. But it sounds like he just wanted sex to me, but I don't know him and I wasnt't there so I can't really say. He wasn't bored because 1) you two were at aparty with beer and tons of people 2) he was somewhat drunk. Hope thsi helped :)