Advice on finding fresh (not jaded) women in their late 20's/early 30s?

So I got a rep for being cradle robber for most of my dating career. Since my late 20s I usually date girls much younger (20 to 25) and now I'm approaching my mid 30s.

I'm not doing this to be shallow but some reason I have a harder time with women closer to my own age. They are often divorced and bitter, single too long and developed bad attitudes towards men, "power" women who care mostly about their careers and are just looking for a passive sperm donor (I'm a gentlemen but I refuse to be dominated) or most ironically... flaky. I do sometimes run into maturity issues with younger girls but for some reason I just find they are more fun, more open minded and even loyal if I push their right buttons. But a part of me is looking to settle down. Most girls 20 to 25 aren't ready for that, even if they say they are.

I have gotten a lot of crap from my family about dating younger women. Both of my younger siblings are married and one has a kid. They look at me as the older brother who never grows up (although I make more money than both combined). This criticism is especially true for my mother and brother.

However a friend of mine pointed out that I should find a women who can CHALLENGE me intellectually. While I definitely have met some smart, beautiful young women there is some differences intellectually that only come with life experience. I am willing to date a woman closer to my own age BUT she has to have a good attitude, be in good shape and not have too much luggage from prior bad relationships.

Any advice on where to find this?

Advice on finding fresh (not jaded) women in their late 20's/early 30s?
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