Not sure what to do. Can I have some advice?

I met a guy online and have been on one date (going on a second). He is making it very obvious that he likes me. I think he is developing feelings for me. He texts me everyday too. However, he is ahead of me because I’m not sure yet if I feel the same way he does. It’s only been one date (4h 30mins) that I spent with this guy in person. I want to give it another date and I don’t want to tell him how I feel yet because I don’t even know what I feel! I feel like I need to get to know all about him first before I will know if I want to be his boyfriend but in that process of me getting to know him, I don’t want to play with his feelings, get too physical or have him pay for everytime we are together. What should I do? What should I eventually tell him? I’m gonna go on a second date with him… Should I give it more time? We both haven’t been in a relationship before and I don’t know if I’m even ready for that yet. He knows I'm saving myself for marriage and have never been kissed. Please help!!
Not sure what to do. Can I have some advice?
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