He broke it off, so why did he text me this?

hi babe. just want to tell you that I miss you a lot. I hope you find what you're looking for. and I'm sorry I wasn't the one for you. I really wish I was. you'll always have my heart. I love you so much. I miss you so much. sending thousands of kisses and hugs to you. talk soon.

i feel like he's contradicting himself? any thoughts?

one more thing..we're long distance right now. he's supposed to be sending me my things. and I told him to call me when he does so I know when to expect them. but he hasn't mentioned anything about my stuff and its been 3 weeks!


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  • I know I may be a little younger than you, but from a guys point of view He misses you. Chances are, He was probably going through a lot of stuff in his mind, and took it out on the relationship. Then, he probably niticed how big of a mistake he had made. Now (from what you tell me) it sounds like he wants to be back with you, and he wants to appoligize to you for the things he might have said/done. Hope this helps ;)

    • Thanks for the advice, and I know he probly misses me. I didn't respond to this text. so then he texted me again saying it sucks that I can't even say hi or text back. and that he won't bother me anymore. its like, what the heck does he want? to be friends? I don't even know how or IF I should respnd to that either...

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  • This one is simple, I've done it my self! He's hoping for a booty call, pure a simple. He doesn't want to spend any time with you but if your up for some, he is too.

    • Im not disagreeing. but we are in differnent countries.. does that make a diff?

    • That makes a booty call a lot tougher, he may just feel guilty, or he may be tring to keep the door open?

    • Yea your right, thanks a lot

  • He probably did that to make himself feel better, for dumping you.


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