Why are there no good women of my generation?

None of the girls of my age group (20 - 25) all drink alcohol, all smoke, all take drugs including weed.

Where are the good women? Where are the good girls who can have fun without drugs and alcohol and weed? And spare me the whole "we drink and do drugs to have fun and there is nothing wrong with that" crap.

Im tired of only seeing trashy girls who drink alcohol, do drugs and smoke weed especially those who think they're so special and cool because they take drugs and alcohol. Their condescending attitude is so off putting and I hate how these trashy girls look down on guys who don't smoke, don't do drugs and don't drink and think we're "religious nutjobs" and "boring losers who can't have fun".

FYI: I am an Atheist, Im not religious.

And no I refuse to respect people who think I am a inferior boring loser who can't have fun for not doing drugs, not smoking and not taking drugs neither am I immature of less of a human being.
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Ignore the "none of" part.
Why are there no good women of my generation?
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