Crush that flaked on me multiple times all of a sudden wants to "hang out"?

Short summary: I've had a crush on this girl since high school, we recently have started talking and I've tried to ask her out 4 times without luck.

The first time I asked her out on Friday that week. She responded with, "I'll see if I can, I'll let you know by tomorrow". She never let me know.

The second time I asked her to go to Starbucks with me, she responded by telling me that she doesn't like Starbucks.

The third time I asked her out to the movies and she responded with that she was already going to go see that movie with her friends, she told me she'll let me know if she goes or not and yeah, she never let me know.

The final time she surprisingly agreed! I was so happy to finally be able to see her! The next few days when I tried to schedule the day and time she never responded back.

I finally got tired of trying. It's been a few months since then, I've been really just focusing on myself and also I have gotten a few dates from girls who actually said yes and meant it. On Snapchat, I've just been posting a lot of things lately, when I met her I tried hard to not really show any material things in hopes that she'll like me for who I am, I'm notorious for showing off too much but when I met her I stopped all that. Now I don't care, I post about anything! Cars, food, dates, hanging out, scenery, everything! She's never really viewed anything I posted until now. Now she's the first to view EVERYTHING I post and also views them within minutes. Today, out of the blue she texts me asking to "hang out", she even made a day and time! I was tempted to bash her and question her on why she flaked on me 4 times in the past but I kept my cool and acted like nothing ever happened, all I told her was, "I'll see if I have time".

To be honest I still have some interest in her but since she's flaked on me 4 times I'm tempted to flat out reject her.

Why do you guys think she rejected me 4 times? Should I accept her date request? Like I said, I'm pretty tempted to say no.
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Update: All this happened within the span of a year. The first time we talked in person everything went extremely well! I was certain she was interested in me. That's why I was pretty shocked when she flaked on me the first time.
Crush that flaked on me multiple times all of a sudden wants to "hang out"?
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