Honestly what should I do? Please help?

So I haven't had vaginal sex for a year, up until last month with the guy that im currently seeing. He just got out of a long term relationship and he ended up contracting chlamydia... I got tested and treated today but i had no idea. I get my results tomorrow or Friday. I feel so embarrassed about the whole thing because I don't sleep around so if probably got it from my ex and I had no idea :(( I don't have any symptoms and it just sucks. The guy still likes me and said that he isn't worried because its treatable but yea... Is this a deal breaker? I had no idea and when I fofound out i went to the doctors and got a work up just in case I have anything else... I have hooked up since than but I didn't have vaginal sex :/
Honestly what should I do? Please help?
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