Date advice for tomorrow! Please help!

Okay so I am still in high school. I will be a senior and I have a little date tomorrow with a guy that I have been on and off with for the past year. People would always get between us and we would always think one was mad at the other one. I really want to impress him and let him know how I feel but I don't wanna be annoying. We are going swimming and canoeing. What should I wear? how should I wear my hair? what color nail polish? and how should I act toward him? I don't wanna try too hard.


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  • Well first of all, don't stress too much. As long as you wear something flattering and act relaxed, he's going to think you look great! I would wear a bikini underneath a tank top & shorts so you can dress or undress depending on what you're doing. Your hair is really your preference. I tend to wear my hair down during these activities and wear a hair band on my wrist so I can throw it up when it gets curly later from the water. Guys don't really care about nail polish color, so whatever you like! Maybe something bright and summery.

    Just act fun and relaxed! You don't need to be the perfect superstar. Just be yourself, act playful/flirty, laugh at his jokes, don't take anything too seriously, and enjoy yourself. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! This was just the answer I was looking for. THank you!

    • You're welcome =) have a good time!

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  • As aguy, I would say wear a sharp swim suit. Bring along shorts, a great top and sneakers. Not sure how long your hair is so hard to say.

    Mostly though you want to flirt with him. This site has a how to flirt video if you want to see one.


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