I've become really insecure in my relationship?

My boyfriend has done a number of things that have made me doubt him and how he feels about me and I'm now insecure in my relationship. This all happened when my boyfriend broke up with me and I had to beg and beg for him not to leave me. He broke up with me because I got upset with him over something HE did. I got upset because I wanted to talk to him about something that was bothering me ( I felt really detached from him at the moment and just wanted to talk about it ) when he picked up the phone and I told him how I felt he told me he isn't my councillor and that he's tired and wants to go to sleep and that he shouldn't have to talk about that because he doesn't feel anything is wrong? He hungup on me while I was crying and didn't say bye or anything and turned off his phone? He's done a few things like this to me :/ he always makes me feel like I'm the one who's wrong and that he's right when he's the one who is wrong most of the time :/ I don't think he loves me.. a guy who loves u wouldn't hangup on you while your crying :/ I fall asleep crying over him at least twice a week and he doesn't care. . he never apologises or changes the things he does and says that make me unhappy so we have huge fights all the time because he won't change the things that bother me. My friend told me he doesn't love me and I should leave him? But my boyfriend can also say really sweet things and make me believe he loves me :/ im so insecure and doubtful and confused..
I've become really insecure in my relationship?
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