Do I tell him I still like him?

We met ten months ago. He was the one who asked me out and pursued me. We were hanging out and dating for about a month, then I went on a trip for almost a month, he went away after that and we didn't see eachother for about a month and a half.. I thought we had a connection, not really sure what happend.. Since then, We’d run into each other occasionally at parties and events. He would always be flirting with me and only wanting to be around me. He would always trying kissing me, I would turn him down. I have tried to move on but I find myself still thinking about him.

He also always asks me to do things with him, but never follows through.. I've been told thats an Argentinian thing.. I've turned down his advances and told him I won't sleep with him, I don't get him, what does he want? I really just wanted to get to know him and have fun with him like we used to! How do we go back to just having fun and spending time together? I don't know where we stand.. I want to just hangout and go on a date for goodness sake, have fun... and don't know how to get back to what we had.. We have fun everytime we were together, we talked about some deep things and he always makes me laugh. Did I just read too much into it? Uh Can we actually have something? Does he have feelings for me? Does he know I like him? I need advice, what do i do? does he like me? So many mixed signals..
Do I tell him I still like him?
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