Boyfriend was less affectionate last weekend. How should I raise it with him?

We've only been together 2 months or so, but it's going well and it looks like it has the potential for something longterm. I know he's currently unsatisfied where he works, and last weekend he had some issues with an insurance company accidentally taking out a lump sum of money so he was basically penniless and things are going on with his house (he didn't really elaborate).
During the time we've spent together, he's always been very affectionate. He almost always initiated holding hands and it would be easy for him to put an arm around me.
He called me this Monday and apologized for being a bit quiet and not as fun, to which I said it was okay and that I knew he didn't seem himself - I didn't tell him how it made me feel.
I will say, during the weekend he was affectionate, but it was much less so an mostly initiated by me and he seemed closed off e. g. I initiated holding his hand a lot more (he only did a few times) and when we were sat together anywhere he didn't put his arm around me when he normally does.
There was definitely a shift and now I know why. So really, I want to ask him if he's normally less affectionate when he's got things going on in his mind, but I'm not sure how to ask the question. All I need to know if that's how he behaves when he's got stuff going on in his head, and if so, that's fine. I can adapt.
Affection is important to me and he knows this, and when I don't have it returned as much as I give, then I start to feel a bit insecure and taken for granted.
Boyfriend was less affectionate last weekend. How should I raise it with him?
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