He used me, now tries to talk to me but I just ignore him?

He said some pretty hurtful nasty things after he dumped me, I begged and pleaded and then gave up. Now he wants to talk and says he's sorry and feels guilty, it's not enough for me I'm done. I feel sad for how it ended and saw how he really was. I guess I was a bad judge of character and it's eating me up inside how I could easily be led by someone I thought liked me. He admitted he used me since he got out of jail and that hurt me I was only a stop gap until he was ready to go out and date. I am always somebody that gives people chances and always the one the gets hurt and disappointed and he was the final straw for me trusting and giving people chances. It's like my heart is hardened and I'm negative at anyone being kind to me. I ignore all his attempts to contact me I believe nobody changes for the better and think he only wants me for sex, I'll keep ignoring until he takes the hint.
my question is will I ever be able to trust another man again? I can't seem to open up to men that's interested in me I'm so scared that they are only pretending like the ex, how to learn to let men through that barrier again?

He used me, now tries to talk to me but I just ignore him?
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