Why am I still single?


So this is me: 18, lesbian, out of the closet, naturally submissive (but could also be "the guy" in a relationship tbh), 5'2 (yeah, I'm short asf)

I'm pretty straight up. I talk based on what I think and I don't act fake. I'm nothing but myself, but sometimes people are shocked by that... Asians lol where I live, they don't usually be that straight up. Most of the time, Asian people (where I live), are pretty reserved and don't like to talk about taboo things, plus they don't usually give straight up answers. So because of that, everytime I decide to say something or let them know something about the person I am, they are usually shocked or stunned by that.

I love girls, but I also like to hang with guys a lot. I hang with guys most of the time (and I think that's the reason why I don't have a girlfriend... I don't know lol let me know)

I am super girly. I care about my hair, my skin, my outfit, and I love working out. But I am a bit of a tomboy sometimes.

I'm usually inspired by bodybuilders and fitness models (I take their philosophy and stuff like that lol) they usually inspire me to get my lazy ass up to finish off things and act against how I feel at the moment.

i don't really take part in sport, but I like watching soccer (I only watch my fav team plays tbh lol)

and im still single asf... But I don't think that there's anything wrong with my face lmfao

this is me:

Why am I still single?

Why am I still single?

Why am I still single?

Well, my brother told me that Joker wants his face back... But I take that as a compliment
Why am I still single?
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