Do you think our relationship could work out?

I'm really stressed and depressed right now.

I met a girl online through an anxiety support group, we have gotten real close in the weeks we've been talking. She lives out of state but close enough meeting is possible and in the works.
I don't want to say she is my girlfriend, but I have a real interest in dating her, I just want to meet her first and get to know her more before saying it's a relationship.
We get each other, our talks are great and we open up to each other, and have a lot of things we both like and want out of life, but I am loosing my confidence.

Unlike me, she has a job and college degree, drives, and wants to move out of her parents house soon, and could. She is overcoming her anxiety well.
Let's say we date and fall in love and want to move in together, All of those things would be a huge challenge for me while for her they are easy.
I don't have a lot of money, and no savings currently but I am on social security disability, I don't know how I would get around not driving far, and I would have to move to her state, get used to living there and find all new doctors and places to buy things. That change freaks me out, if she moved by me that would be easy for me, but she needs to stay by her location for her job.
She seems to accept I don't drive or work, but what if she makes enough for us to both live together, but she gets sick, how can I help her if I have driving trouble or she unexpectedly loses her job? I'm fine at taking care of the house and doing chores and cooking while she works, but is that enough?

I feel like she could get another boyfriend easily, and she is set to live on her own, and might not wait for me to figure things out. She is the only potential girlfriend I have had in my life who even remotely cared about me. I don't want to lose her, but don't know how to overcome my personal life issues to fit in with hers, I want to be with her 😥

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Do you think our relationship could work out?
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