What should my next course of action be?

Went on a date with a guy I'd chatted to for about a week on Sunday evening. I hugged him at the start upon meeting and at the end but I got the feeling he's not a hugger. Other than that the date seemed to go well from my side - conversation flowed, no awkward silences, plenty of eye contact, and seemed very natural not too awkward.

I hadn't had any text or anything whatsoever from him Monday evening (despite being super chatty on whatsapp prior to meeting.) I just presumed a lack of interest. After asking on here and advice from various friends, I bit the bullet and texted him the following:

"Thanks for yesterday and coming to (my home town.) It was good fun. How's you? Caught up with more (TV show we watch)?"

I had a response within about two minutes - he was just on his way into work for 10pm for a night shift.

"All good was good thanks, just on my way into work. Not managed to catch up yet, been out most of the day You watched much more? Been up to much fun?"

I just wished him a swift shift at work, said a few bits and bobs about my day and left it at that.

He was going into work so I knew he wouldn't respond until at least Tuesday afternoon when he woke up. However the message never ended up getting read until another shift at work for him in the early hours of Wednesday morning. I have now received nothing at all from him.

Shall I:

- Presume he's just not interested and do nothing more?

- Bite the bullet and pop him a text today/tomorrow?

- or something else?

I was in long term relationships for a while so all this texting and various etiquette can be quite confusing.

The reason I am even deliberating about this is that I would like to see him again to see if there is anything there. I also wonder why, even if polite and not interested, he would send a decent length text with questions in? I'm guessing he's not interest but there's this slight doubt thinking maybe he's sat there waiting for ME to text him...

Help me guys and girls - you're my only hope.
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I bit the bullet and just sent him a "how are you? Hope you had a good week." no pressure kind of text. We shall see what happens next if anything...
What should my next course of action be?
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