Pros and cons should I stay with him?

Loves me very much.
Treats me very well.
Wants children.
Wants marriage
Likes my parents good to my grandma
Always there when I need someone to talk to.
Gets along with my friends
Tries to make me happy
Always there for me when I have anxiety and get upset.
Good relationship with his mom
Can cook and good on the grill
Helps me around the house
Tells me he loves me all the time and means it.
Doesn't care about my looks but what's on the inside

Smokes weed everyday
Doesn't like change won't bend
Lives in Mom's basement
Doesn't think about future
Won't get a winter job because of landscaping business
Gets very offensive when people try to give him advice.
Doesn't think he can do things
When ask him where he sees himself in 5 years he said he doesn't know what the future holds.
Pros and cons should I stay with him?
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