Is he still mad?

On Friday, I found out my boyfriend ate my food (one thing you need to know about me... I'm practically Joey from Friends when it comes to food) that I had saved for later... I rang him and he wasn't answering.
So me being angry, I drove to his work (he works at a pub) I didn't create a scene or anything just walked in, asked to speak to him for a sec and casually asked why did he eat my food... his only response "I'm at work" and walked off.

Yea I am probably in the wrong for turning up at his work like that because the moment I walked out the door I felt embarrassed.
10 minutes later I get a message from him "why did you come to my work to ask one stupid question" decided to ignore it as I knew when he's angry he doesn't think straight.

I explained to his roommate what happened and he said it's best to give him some space. To leave it up to him to message me when he's in a better mood.

On Monday, I got admitted to hospital as my roommate found me collapsed on the kitchen floor. Ended up spending 3 days in hospital and received a message from my boyfriend on Tuesday "I heard you were in hospital, I hope you're okay"
I replied back I'm fine and he hasn't messaged me back since.

Is he still mad at me for what happened?
Is he still mad?
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