I've messed up a bit, not sure how to fix this?

I was seeing a guy for a few months it was super casual. He was seeing other people, I wasn't. My feelings got in the way and I kept seeing him, knowing he was seeing others. One night, we were at a party, and I hooked up/went home with a mutual friend of ours. Guy1 was pissed and jealous, and almost ended it with me. But we talked, and things were good again. He stopped seeing other girls for a while. Then he slept with a good friend of mine, and we ended things. I started seeing the guy I went home with that night. Guy1 hated me for a while, then got over it. We somehow started talking and I went back to him. Then he hurt me again, and I started seeing the second guy. This happened 3 times, and over the course of it I really hurt them both. Now things have ended with both of them. I kept my feeling out of my explanation but I truly am disgusted with myself. This is not who I thought I was and I will never become this person again. Guy2 was my good friend, and I've now lost him. And with my luck, the two guys are currently roommates, and they seem to both hate me, although they're friendly enough at work. We all work at the same place by the way. I don't really know what I'm asking, I'm ashamed to talk to my friends about this so I'm reaching out here. I want to at least be on good terms with them, if we can't be friends again. As a guy, would you hate/think horribly of a girl who acted this way? What can I do to fix the past?
I've messed up a bit, not sure how to fix this?
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