Is it wrong that I want a relationship?

I talk to my girl friends about it, and they think I'm trying to hard to get into a relationship. I really just crave an emotional and physical relationship, since I've never had one and I'm a serious romantic. But I'm also a tomboy, and so I can't flirt at all to get one, (well I can but I flirt like a dude.) I tried getting one of them to help me, but they think I'm wasting my time to try to put in effort to get a guy I'm interested in, and its not like I'm limiting it to a small circle; I'm willing to be open-minded to plenty of guys to at least go on one date with but I never have any luck for some reason. I don't think they understand, because they tell me I shouldn't be trying to get a relationship because I'm fine on my own, but then one of them has a girlfriend and the other always has a guy to sleep with or date so like they don't get what its like to not be able to get a guy easy. Do you guys think I should just let high school pass and not even date one guy or should I keep trying even while my friends are being hypocritical and telling me not to?
Keep trying!
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Just let stuff happen, maybe adventually somone might maybe be interested
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Just get a cat, nobody will ever love you
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Is it wrong that I want a relationship?
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