Girls, Should I be scared for my mom because of her new boyfriend?

I'm 30 my mom is 48. Very very pretty lady. For 48 I've never seen anything like it. My whole family is small. I'm her son by the way. I'm my dads size 5'3 130. My sister is same size as me. My mom is only 4'10 and weighs 100lbs. Tiny little thing. She started going to the gym. She brings home a guy five years my junior. Played football in college. He's has be close to 6'8 300 plus lbs. My friend is 6'4 and he's bigger than him so that's how I come up with 6'6. So here is the biggest guy I've ever seen with my mom the smallest. I also think he takes steroids. He treats my mom bad and she still loves him. Can't tell her diff. One of these days I'm scared he's gonna hit her. If he ever gets physical he could kill my mother. He might not be trying to put the smallest punch from that guy would injure her badly at least. They look so ridiculous together. He cheats on her and she's so good to him. Bottom line he's on steroids so he can snap at any moment. And if he did I'm so scared for my mom. To make matters worse he showed me a pic of his ex. She was over 6 feet her self. Strong looking. She could kill my mom also. Am I being over protective or should I really be concerned?
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Another question. Why in a million years would my mom be with this guy? My dad is an accountant who makes great money and would never cheat on her. Why would she go from him to this?
Girls, Should I be scared for my mom because of her new boyfriend?
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