What am I supposed to do? Is he right?

My fiance and I have been together for 2 years and half now. He is gone on a business trip. The day of his trip I didn't remember he was going and I didn't answer my cell phone because I was spending time with my friend who is like a younger brother to me. He had with me and left then told me when he arrived that he had went and blamed me saying it is my fault that we are separated. Cox we used to always sit and work on our schedules since I'm a freelancer so we could travel and be together all the time. He said ( you don't spend time with me anymore and when you do all we talk about is our friends and every time I tell you to work on our schedule u say later. The things we love to do most u barely spend Time on before you get up and leave. When we are together all u do is text on yr phone). And that's when I Realised I did do all that he said. He told me to fix up my schedule so I can meet him in Japan and work things out. But I told him my friend is having party that I sure can't miss cut my friend would be mad. And oh I forgot to mention that before his flight for two weeks I had been distant from him and trying to set up my friends together. So I don't know what to do. I have never been this way before these two weeks. I know he might seem needy but we are more than a couple we are best friends and he is used to have me there for him all the time and vice versa so what do I do?
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He doesn't really want to plan for things when he gets back he wants me to prove that I still care like before by going to see him
What am I supposed to do? Is he right?
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