23 and Virgin Advice?

First of all I'm not a loser lol. I am a senior in college, I go to the gym 6 days a week, dress nice, and do art/poetry. Thing is I can't seem to make a catch lol. I mean I'm not scared to ask women out or ugly or anything and girls always seem to like me. Since high school I probably tried to get around 20-30 girls and none of them worked out. Should I talk to more or something? I've always been able to get girls interested in me but the same situations keep repeating.

1. I like the girl and she likes me but I can't get her on a date.
2. Girl likes me and I ask her out and she rejects
3. I like girl and I ask her out, get the number, no reply
4. Girl likes me and I move slowly, she loses interest
5. Girl likes me and I move quickly, she loses interest

:/ Its weird when you struggle to do things others can do so smoothly; an isolated type feeling.

Trying to not be innocent anymore, where can I get rid of it?
23 and Virgin Advice?
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