Girls, what do you like/expect on a first date?

So, I'm going on a date tomorrow. I like this girl from a long term aspect and I really would like things to work. My problem is that my last couple of dates ended with the girls not wanting a second date. I've been single for over two years and it's been almost a year since I've had sex. I've been told that I rush into things too quickly; I think that is why my first dates haven't worked out.
What do most girls think is appropriate on the first date?
-Physical Contact
-Sexual Contact

At what point would you lose interest if a guy tried to initiate these on the first date?

I should also mention that I barely know this girl and have only spoken with her once. She asked to exchange numbers and I could tell she was interested. I met her at church and she seems very active there.
Girls, what do you like/expect on a first date?
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