Why Facebook issues are bothering me?

Me & my girlfriend are due to have a baby in 6 months & get married in 3 months.

Something that has bothered me since the early days is that she has 400+ guys on her facebook at least. Some of these guys would message her, like her pictures. Sometimes she told me, sometimes i'd see notifications pop up on her phone. Id mention it sometimes but it would always cause an argument.

Then the other day she was on facebook while in bed with me & as she scrolled through her phone it was guy after guy with selfies, half naked mirror shots & it bothered me. I didn't sleep that night because it didn't sit right with me.

The next morning i decided to ask her how she would feel if i had a tonne of girls on my facebook. She said she wouldn't like it... so i said why it's ok for her. A massive fight broke out. She tried to tell me that facebook isn't real & that it's just same as me turning on tv and seeing half naked girls. I argued that those half naked girls have no idea who i am nor do they like my pictures or message me & at somepoint in time those guys must of put some sort of move on to become facebook friends in first place whether in real life or just browsing facebook.

What i don't understand is why would you have all those guys on there if you having a baby & getting married, i don't particularly want these guys seeing pictures of our baby or pictures of our life. No thanks.

She said i was trying to make her feel guilty and that it feels like i don't trust her. That's not true, i wasn't trying to make her feel guilty, i was trying to tell her that it doesn't make me feel good when i see tom , dick & harry's face & half naked body shots, likes & messages. And that's all that i see, i don't know what i don't see & have never been on her phone to look. Mainly because i don't think i would like what i saw.

Since then she hasn't spoken to me, i don't know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated,

Why Facebook issues are bothering me?
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