Is a month too long?

I've gone on 5 dates with this guy but the last date was a month ago. We talk often (almost every night) on MSN and he often says we should try to get together but it doesn't end up happening. It seems to me that if he were still interested, a month wouldn't have gone by since our last date. Has he lost interest?


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  • No, he hasn't lost interest. He's just keeping his options open and meeting other women but keeping you on the back burner in case he decides he wants a date. He likes you but is not all that into you.. If he were - he'd be begging you for a date and not waiting any 5 wks to do it. He just calls to say hello to keep you in the background as a backup. Sorry, Honey - but don't waste your time on this Dude. He's looking for greener pastures. Just keep him as a friend if you want to but he will never be your boyfriend. They are commonly called "PLAYERS".

    Don't be one of his victims. Find a nice guy who has eyes ONLY for you and wants to date YOU every week! You keep YOUR options open!


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  • I agree with the first girl's post. He's still interested but he's not all that into you. You've gone on 5 dates so he's very capable of making arrangements that work out with you, so waiting a month is ridiculous. Guys have all the time in the world for a girl they really care about, and definitely have 1 night a month to go out with you. The fact that he says you should hang out again sometime means he's just keeping your hopes up so you don't lose interest while he's seeing other girls. Move on from him.

  • I think it depends ion the reason your plans never work out...if you are both genuinly busy, making it difficult to find time then its probably just circumstances. But if he is the one who is cancelling on you all the time then it might be that he has lost interest. It could be that he is still in contact with you to keep you interested in him. I would be a bit wary. I don't think all is lost...but I would look out for warning signs that he is stringing you along.

    • Well what's been happening the last little while is early on in the week (say on tuesday) he'll ask if I have plans for the weekend if I tell him I don't he says that we should get together. When I agree he tells me he'll call or text me later with the details (when & where) but I never end up hearing from him.


    -U must look at ur +s & -s

    -Analyze his way of contact

    -Did he flirt with u/ did he just communicate plain

    -Every aspect should be carefully considered.

    I will not say "yes he will" & I will not say "no he won't"

    U need 2 c if ur relationship was friends or MORE.