Does he really want to hang out/hookup again?

so...this guy and I have been hooking up and hanging out and what not for like the past 2/3 weeks. It's been fun. Last time we hung out was a week ago on Thursday. I went away for the weekend, got back Monday, and he asked me to hang out Tuesday, but I was already out with my friends. He didn't seem too thrilled, but I didn't really care. On Tuesday I asked him if he wanted to hangout Wednesday and he said call me when you get out of work. So I did. We played 2 hours of phone tag, and calling each other back and forth (we answered each time). He was with his friends and acting particularly like an a*shole He kept saying that he would call me back which he did. He kept asking if I wanted to hang out, and I said yes at first, and then changed my answer to maybe because after a while I got fed up. He called back and was like it's late, I don't want you driving that late and blah blah me after work tomorrow. I don't even want to call him because he was such a jerk last night! Does he really even want to hang out? I don't get it. I was willing to hang out last night, and he ruined that.


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  • What exactly do you mean by "hooking up and hanging out"? You had sex with him didn't you?

    • Haha well yess. so I mean it was kind of a mistake and I don't really see this going anywhere, but I don't know why he was being such a jerk.

    • Some men are just jerks, like myself. I don't think psychoanalyzing him will help you.

      Just ask him what he wants, point blank. After that you take it or leave it and that's that.

    • At least you're honest about yourself...

      he's just confusing the crap out of me

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