Moving too Fast

I met him on saturday.. He's in the military. He went home today. He called me his future wife. He had a girl friend call him and he said he was hanging with his future wife then his cousin called and he said the same thing and was telling him how beautiful I was. last night before he left he said he'd love for me to move to where he lives and just get married. whys he saying this? it made me really happy..But I feel like it could be a bad thing. I'm scared he won't keep in touch anymore, am I being paranoid?


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  • Well.. I'm in the military and if you want a true honest answer let me know but. nah your not being paranoid if I can ask for more details I can probably give you a more thought out answer. But from what you gave me it seems like he's proud of what he got and is showing a sign that he wants to commit to you

    • I want an honest answer! please! ask any details you want too..

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    • Ehh.. honestly I don't really got much.. The way he talk holds and kisses you should be able to guide you though.. If he seems genuinely caring then chances are he is ya know? Just keep your head up and keep your options open..

    • Everyone is different; but in my experience when a guy is coming on that strong; that quick; it can be a little 'too much too soon' and damage the relationship sooner for it; for not taking it slow? So listen to your instincts!

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