Why do so many users on here use this as a free "dating" site. when it's not?

I've seen people date from here, hookup as in have sex and even some have married from this site. its not what its meant for

plus all the cybering that goes on. I myself don't like to cyber, but I get girls coming to me for it all the time on here. I'm not complaining about it. I'm just asking why does it happen so much...when it shouldn't be


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  • omg, people talking about sex! *fap,fap,fap*


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  • people are actually using this site for hook ups and sex. that's funny!


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  • Same reason it happened to MySpace. Same reason it's happening to Facebook now.

    • The idea that its free?

      oh and btw all those adds you see now. gag is having a hard time staying open. so they have to put all these adds on their site just to keep it free. like fb and ms

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    • You are under the wrong of impression of the dating sites. No one is making anyone pay anything. Those dating sites are both for men and women. According to your logic, guys pay for it while women get a free pass for those sites.

    • Thats exactly right

  • Does it really happen that much? I've only had 1 gay guy try to cyber with me once.