Robbing the cradle?

what do you think when it comes to robbing the cradle?

if you are not familiar robbing the cradle is when someone a lot older dates a lot younger person but not in the sense of a cougar or sugar daddy

I remember back in the 9th grade a lot of my female friends (around 14 or 15) were dating guys int their mid-twenties. Or the girls in like the 11th grade were getting pregnant by dudes in their forties.

I know for a fact I would have been killed if I was date a guy 3 years older than me while in the 9th grade nonetheless 10 years older than me.

so you do you feel about this and were you ever in a relationship of this nature?


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  • When I was in high school I HATED that. I was attracted to girls my age and they all wanted some guy in his 20s. It just seemed so weird (and creepy) that a girl who is pretty much still a kid is dating a fully grown man.

    Now that I'm in my 20s I'm sort of resigned to it. Girls are just attracted to older guys and I can't change it so I accept it.

    • At your age would you date a 14 or 15 year old girl? And have you?

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    • Okay I was just wondering hopefully I didn't offend you :) but thank you for your input:)

    • No offense taken. It's not something I hold against women. I could see myself with a younger girl but 14, 15 is just too young for me.

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  • They p*ss me off, unless the girl is the older one, then that's hot.

    • It makes me mad and my friends never understood why and most of my friends still do date guys the are extremely old:(

  • Appart from the legality of it, everyone is different and has different tastes, some might prefer older partners for finacial reasons, emotional or they don't want to be dating someone who is immature, emotionally unstable, no home, care finances etc...

    • But in my opinion when you are 27 dating a 14 year old you really have nothing going for you. I don't understand why a man of that age would want to be with a female that young. She honestly doesn't have anything to offer you except sex.

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  • I do have to admit, when your 14 or 15, it's kinda creepy going out with someone who is 20 or older. But as for going out with someone who is 17 or 18. That's more understandable. Girls are always more attracted to older guys simply because there "more mature". But that isn't always the case. Plus when a younger girl goes out with an older guy, they feel good about themselves. Like "Wow, this older guy rather be with me then someone his own age". Obviously girls mature faster than boys. And most of the time an older guy has more experience then someone who is 14 or 15 years old. I'm 16 and I'm attracted to guys who are 18 and 19. That's pretty much when there getting out of high school and into college. Since I've already graduated I'm over the whole high school drama. And with a guy in college I don't have to worry about getting involved with that kind if drama. But regardless of all that. I have to mention that, girls who are getting impregnated by older guys is seriously disgusting. It shows how they truly don't care and respect themselves. Most guys leave that girl in the end anyways. It's very sad. But I hoped I helped in some way. Giving a girls point of view :)

    • Yeah but the 3 years older than me thing is kind of a sibling agreement:) I have brothers that are 4 years older than me and I'm not allowed to date anyone their age and they're not allowed to date anyone my age. But when we get older that will change but I've to my brothers about it and they believe the only reason a guy would date a girl that young is because he wants sex.

    • Well, your brothers are mostly right about the whole "dating young girls to only have sex with them." because that IS true sometimes. My own mother told me that. Haha.