I have synesthesia

I have a condition called synesthesia. Its not a disease.. its just a condition. I'm a perfectly healthy individual but my synesthesia just mixes up my senses. If anything it has helped me to get high grades. Its something that I've had since I was born but I just realized I had it about 7 years ago. It’s a bit hard to explain but ill try.

When I have an apple I feel a white color. When I have an orange I feel a red color. The Letter S has sort of a purple color while the letter A has a red color. The number 0 has a box like figure while the number 9 is much more rectangular. The color white has a softer tone then a neon green which has a loud tone. Music also has colors and shapes but that one is harder to explain.

I still see these letters and number and I can taste these foods but it’s the color that I see and feel that Is much much stronger. I sometimes gross my friends out because I have weird combination. Like peanut butter and tuna. I know that it doesn’t sound right and it taste awkward but they both have this beautiful green color that makes me feel very comfortable, and very at ease. understand that I don’t just see the color or shape but that I “feel” it. This feeling is stronger than the actual sense.

Im 18 and I started dating about a year and a half ago. I'm a decent looking guy so I've had my fair share of dates but kissing is a MAJOR problem for me. I like the feeling, I like the sensation, I like the kiss but I get this nasty grayish color that I don’t feel comfortable with and its a very overwhelming feeling. This goes for both little pecks and “passionate” kisses. All of my close friends know about my synesthesia and I've talked to them about what happens during a kiss and most of my friends that are girls even volunteer to kiss me. With all of them its just different shades of grey and the feeling varies just a bit. I even kissed one of my gay friends just to see what I would feel and see and well everything about that was just gross haha.

This has ruined several of my relationships because I just don’t like kissing. And sex.. well that just out of the question.. I want to get used to kissing first. I've tried to explain this to some girls and most of them I don’t think believe me or they just don’t understand. They just give a WTF look. I don’t blame them though. I mean imagine a guy telling you what taste like pizza to you taste like the color purple to me. lol

How do you girls feel about a “kiss-less relationship”? would dating someone with synesthesia be awkward? should I just tell the girl I don’t like kissing and not explain the synesthesia?


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  • Maybe once you're with "the one" the colour won't be grey, but something good and distinct instead. I wouldn't stress about it too much...I think it's just a matter of finding the right person. Also, when you were kissing these people, maybe it was grey because you knew it wasn't right or because you were forcing things when you were "testing" things out on various people. Just an idea.


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  • no .. you should overcome this nasty feeling you get .. maybe you should kiss someone you really and truly love .. you said the grey thing varies .. hence the colour it self may vary , just wait for the right person .. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with this " condition " .. I'm just saying out of feeling haha :D

    • Im hoping I either get use to it or outgrow it. when I was younger I couldn't read a purely text book cause I would get headaches from all the colors. now I'm used to it

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  • You'll become used to it over time.

    But sex will be a whole different adventure, lol.