When to contact her for a 2nd date?

Last night I had an excellent date with a girl. I want to ask her out again..

When should I contact her? Is the very next day too soon? Should I call her or should I text her?

Lastly, what should I say when I actually do call/text her?


PS: While we hugged goodbye, I said "I'll see you soon", and she said "sure!"


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  • The main thing is do not listen to that whole social stigma of like having to wait some bizarre period of time before you talk to her again. Call her the very next day, particularly if you said your first date was excellent. You don't have to ask her out this time; just call her to tell you had a wonderful time with her the night before and just have a conversation. That's it! After this point you could wait a few days, call her up and plan something for that second date.