Have you ever dated a catfish?

Personal story: I had a old account (Elizabethbiersack, some of you may know this account). I ended up dating Star_Lord for 6 months, lol even after I found out he was a catfish I stayed with him (don't ask why, I don't even know). But he was absolutely crazy, he got into my GaG account and started saying a lot of shit to people pretending it was me. He also hacked my kik account when he found out I was friends with this one , he ended up changing the email and password so I could never get back into the account. So that ended the relationship but even after that he was still harassing me and threatened to make a webpage of pictures I had sent him. He tried to control my whole life and was completely crazy. He was extremely rude to me when I dumped him, he told me to kill my self and blamed me for everything when it was his fault. He pretended to a emo guy living in the USA when actually he was just a regular guy living in China.
(This is just a quick overview of what happened)

Let's hear your story...
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He also cheated on me...
I cheated on him too (but tbh he deserved it, he lied for months)
Have you ever dated a catfish?
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