What to do to this guy whose cold and distant?

Met a guy who is interested in me and we have a lot in common. We have a an attraction towards each other. However he has been acting cold and distant towards me. He contacts me because I have pulled back and refuse to give him sex because we are not serious. He told me he has fears and will not get involved with anyone too quick because of the emotional games and lies with his past relationships. I am not trying to rush into anything with this man. I feel the same way because I have wasted months with a man in my past who lead me on and played emotional games with me. I have 3 kids and tired of going through the games with men in relationships. I am tired of investing my time and engery into the wrong person who ends up breaking my heart. Life is too short for this and games. This man seems unsure about what he wants and I have refocused back on my kids and self. I'm at the point of being alone because most of the men I've met play games and or not serious about committed relationships and love. I rather love on myself and 3 children before investing my love into the wrong hands.
What to do to this guy whose cold and distant?
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