She likes me but I'm not a priority?

I've been talking to this girl for 2 weeks (texting and calling) we had our first date this past weekend and we hit it off really well. We were kissing and she sent me a long text saying how she appreciated our date and wants to see me again. We set up a date this week. But the weird thing is, she isn't enthusiastic when she texts anymore... and she stopped texting back fast. I see her being active on social media while I'm waiting for a text back. She also didn't message me back or call me back the other night, but instead she got drunk with her co-workers after work.

It sucks feeling like I'm more into her than she is to me, but how do I deal with this and how do I care less. Also, how can I make her wanting to talk to me more and actually wanting to text me
She likes me but I'm not a priority?
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