What could I possibly be doing to make men not like me?

I don't have too many friends unfortunately. My closest friend is my age, 27, but she's had a boyfriend for 7 years and they're talking about getting engaged. My other friends are in their 40's and it's only 2 of them. I have a career but all the men there are married and I'm the youngest one in the building with the person closest in age to me being 42.

I also don't really drink... I mean I go to the gym all the time but never had a guy look at me or approach me at all there. I was never the 'pretty' friend. I was the girl that was fun to hang out with but you just didn't date for whatever reason despite guys telling me I was physically attractive. And now I'm alone at 27 with my little beagle to keep me company and almost every guy I've shown interest in has a problem with me having a dog.

Do single men even exist anymore? Everyone is in relationships and getting married except me and I don't really know why. I always get the dreaded 'Well, you're cool and all but...' then they proceed to explain why they don't want to be with me. I have a dog seems to be the big reason then there's the 'I'm not over my ex' or 'We just want different things' or 'I met someone else'.

I genuinely don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's now at the point where men just DON'T say anything to me anymore. I'm not shallow. I don't have overly high expectations. I don't care about race. Pretty much as long as your taller than me with a job or you're in school, everything else is based on personality and I meet GREAT guys that then turn me down.
What could I possibly be doing to make men not like me?
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