Giving someone I met online my number?

After breaking up with my bf, I signed up for an online dating site which is not something I would do in my right mind. But I did it, no regrets. However, several people have messaged me..all of which I did not reply to because they seem to be after one thing...

But then this guy messaged me and from his profile, he seems like a nice person and we have things in common. I'm not necessarily looking for a relationship, just the opportunity to meet new people I wouldn't otherwise.

He asked me for my number and I am very reluctant to give it to a complete stranger. Even if a guy were to ask me for my number in person, there's a good chance I wouldn't give it to him. It seems a bit too personal for me. I don't know anything about him.

Is it a good idea to give him my number? I would much rather give him my email but I don't want to seem like a dork or something lol.

BTW, he gave me his number, then asked for mine.

Also, if it matters I'm 21


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  • Be *very* careful about who you provide your contact info to, especially when you've never met them in person before.


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  • run!

  • yeah go for it...BUT.. do web video chat first. just to see if he's real. Good luck, tho. :)


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