Girlfriend sex/commitment?


I'm dating a girl, she's my first real long term girlfriend. We're both college sophomores, she's had other serious boyfriends before but I've only short term relationships. I've never had to break up with anyone because or disagreements or anything like that, I've just moved a lot and a long distance relationship wouldn't have been beneficial for either of us. Well a few days ago we were talking about sex and she told me that she doesn't want to give handjobs or blowjobs before or after marriage. She keeps telling me that she doesn't want me to be disappointed but I am and I feel bad about it. She has the best personality and we agree on a lot except she is adamant about not having kids, which is something I would like. I don't know if it's wrong to break up with someone over sex, I'm completely fine with not having intercourse before marriage but I've always considered everything else fair game. Is it wrong to break up over something like this? Should I stick it out in the hopes that she might change her mind?


Girlfriend sex/commitment?
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