Casual dating/friends with benefits stories?

I've been casually seeing this man for almost 7 months now. From the start, we knew we had a really good connection and the feelings strung into what would totally convince your brain was a relationship. But he entire time he's told me he just can't be in a relationship with me. And whenever I ask why, he says he just doesn't know how. I call excuse, but whatever, he makes me happy when we're together.

I've openly expressed I like what we're doing but I want more. I want the security of knowing he will be there for me even in situations that don't convenience him (when it's not like our usual afterhour nights together after we both go out with friends). But sometimes I find myself feeling like I'm selling myself short.

I've tried leaving multiple times but when I evidentially miss him and he fights for me back to keep what we have, it's hard to resist. He even said he loved me the other night.

But he won't build a relationship with me. He stopped seeing any other girls he was sleeping with because I found myself jealous and slightly hurt by the idea of it. He talks to me everyday. He expresses love and jealousy and longing. But he won't even try to give me a relationship I can feel secure in.

TL;DR: Is it possible to live in the limbo that is friends with benefits/casual dating? Let's admit, there is no cookie cutter rule book for these things, especially when both people openly feel things for each other. I just don't know.
Casual dating/friends with benefits stories?
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