How am I suposed to find a girlfriend?

Hello, i am 22 years old and never kissed or dated a girl.

I came her to ask this community for advice to how to find a girlfriend with my person.
Others and myself would consider me as good looking and i am confident about me and don't see anything negative or bad with me, but it seems like woman have a problem with me.

I am a very introverted and a quite guy and i really don't talk very much ( don't matter with whom family friend or interests i talk about 5-10 sentences with them each day). Everytime i approach a woman ( no problems with that, not shy) we talk a little bit, but you know how much introverts hate small talk and then i have nothing much to say and the conversation dies.

I find it much easier to talk with woman if i am being approached by them, don't know why but i can talk more this way.
But woman usually don't approach me because of my face. Friends are telling me that if i don't talk or laugh then i have such a evil psychopatic look in my face which says "don't you dare to come and talk with me" , which makes it hard to look approchable. I try to look friendly and smile a bit but this not me and looks fake so i don't like doing and this is also really hard to smile all the time.

So how should i make it? I am not desperate with finding a girlfriend but it would still be nice to find somebody to love. But how should i make it if i repulsed by always making the first move and then losing the conversation because i truly don't like talking? Any advoces how to find someone without the need to always initiate the conversation?
How am I suposed to find a girlfriend?
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