I'm still a virgin?

I know this is such a recurring question, however how do guys feel if you have sex with a virgin, let's say your girlfriend. I'm 19 and I never had sex neither a boyfriend, not because of my appearance, but for choice, because I want to put value in a relationship. Until now I've met guy who wanted me only for the way I look that didn't value my personality that much. I don't know... I will wait -of course- for the right one, however for guys is it weird? A turnoff? A problem? I'm not talking about girls who have slept with tons of guys, I'm talking about a girl who has had just a boyfriend, would it better to have sex with her since he has better experience? Thanks a lot and I hope the question isn't too boring. 😂

p. s=I'm from Europe, so I'm a virgin not because of religious reasons or weird things.
I'm still a virgin?
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