What do you notice first?

Guys what do you see first on a girl.

When a girl is just walking down the street?

When you talk to one face to face?

What do you want in a girl.


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  • First off let me say, no guy would be telling the truth if he didn't say they are sizing you up physically. What they look at first is very dependent on each guy, don't think that you need to concentrate on a certain feature, all to often women assume we look at Breast and Ass first. While this is an overwhelming response we first look at what ever we see first. There is an automatic alarm in our head that when we sweep with our eyes we do an extremely quick determination; if you even remotely fit we do a more thoroughly look, thus is usually when we get caught staring. We look at each feature starting with the one we most like first then work all around, even if we aren't an ass fan we are still going to look but that won't count as bad against your total assessment. Girls might here we have a number scale 1-10 with 1 the lowest. In reality your either No, ok, yea and hot, which is a 1/5/7/9 in the number system. If you are one who we feel has a good quality as in the guy lookin likes big boob as your a 34D then you get the status of OMG, Jesus or Hot as F**K.

    We talking face to face your eyes are a major indicator on how you carry yourself , that ditz "valley" girl eye moment denotes your maturity level, those seductive low gazing eyes denote submission or mystery, hair style is personal and might break the bank for some, if it's to ratty looking. Body posture shows how we may respond or talk to you, forward leaning tends to tell us you are interested while sitting back in your chair with your hand between your legs like your waiting on someone to get there tells us to go ahead and close the date or converstation out.

    What do we want? In reality we want you to be you, it makes dating easier if at least one of the parties are honest with each other that way you can gauge who the other person gets along with you. In fact girls are almost the major culprits of changing themselves to fit a guy, while "accepting " that you are going to either change us or get "used to it" that will not have happy consequences down the road.

  • I'm not going to give you a long answer.

    When she walks down the street it's her shoes/footwear. Neat is hot.

    When we talk one to one it's her hair and her eyes.

    I'll get back to you about the girl I want...


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