First ever boyfriend wants a fling?

wen I was a kid my 1st boyfriend was my best friend. we were 2gether a year then I split with him. he didn't talk 2 me for yrs, 2yrs ago we bumped in 2 each other and started chatting again, we met up 4 a chat last yr, and we were bk 2 being best friends all over again, we could tell each other anything. and he text next day 2 say he had feelings still. ever since he texts a lot, some are naughty text. he says he wants us 2 sleep 2gether, because we never all them years ago and I should have been his 1st. iv told him we should meet up again and see wot happens, but he never makes plans with me, but still text all the time. what's his deal?


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  • You shouldn't give it to him.


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