Should I take my ex-girlfriend back?

Hi Everyone,

I have a question in regards to getting back together with an ex. My ex-girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago, it was due to her mental health and apparently I was not helping in regards to the recovery of her depression. The reason for this is very unknown but she told me that it was because she was worrying too much about me, and not enough about herself.
Basically she told me I dont want to have contact for a few weeks. This really hurt me because I really love this girl. In fact I've never felt like this with anybody else. The hardest part about this was that her ex boyfriend before me came back in the picture and they seemingly had rekindled there friendship. However, i'm not entirely sure if that was just the case (I was suspicious of them getting back together). Because of this, I decided to force myself to move on as the reality had sunk in that we would not be getting back together and tbh my heart couldn't take the damage she was doing too me.
I have been seeing this other girl very briefly and she is also pretty great. The connection is no where near as strong as my ex girlfriend but so far I have been pretty happy with this other female.
A few days ago my ex girlfriend said that she would like to get back together?
Despite me having another woman in my life, I still really love my ex. But I dont trust her at all.
Im not entirely sure what to do, so I'd be interested in hearing other peoples takings on all of this? Thanks
Should I take my ex-girlfriend back?
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