HELP ME! Seriously need Help!.. Guys/Girls! :)

Me and this guy are going for a very slow approach to our relationship.One minute we talk all of the time on msn, then the next-what feels like a minute- he seems distant. I feel as though he's playing hard to get.. but I'm not the type of girl to be like that, I would prefer if he's just tell me what's going on..I've been told by numerous people if you really like hm, which I do,then stick around and wait, but I don't want to wait for the next 6 months to be rejected by him.

He has apologized, and said that it was his problem- due to work and friends he also thinks this would make him a 'bad boyfriend'- which I've told him- he wouldn't be- what's that suppose to make me think- I don't know if he's just trying to let me down gently? I admit that I'm quite a impatient person- and he's got to be one of the first men, that I've waited around for so long. I know that I'm not opening up to him as much I'd like to.

Any answers would be helpful, thanks. :) X


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  • Well from a guys point of view...

    You seem clingy or rather you have already committed to a relationship with him, without his consent. A girl who is obviously waiting to be asked, that has even dropped hints, means that you already decided on the relationship and its not mutual. This opens more doors in our head like, will you want to know where I am all the time, or will she already be talking about wedings ect... while we understand on here that it's not your intent, he might be thinking along those lines, he might not being thinking those things but something of a stereotypical clingy girl.

    Your best bet is just ask him face to face in a non threatening environment, somewhere he can escape but not at your house or his house, a park or coffee shop with few customers are great places. Just ask him if he is ready to date or rather if he can commit so that you can move on, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and I'm sure there are others waiting.


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  • ok, my advice is.. if a guy tells you something about himself, like how he said he'd be a bad boyfriend.. you should take the hint because he's basically saying he's not ready for that type of thing. maybe you should try dating a few other guys and see who best suits u? but this guy isn't on the same page as u. just stay friends with him and try not to like him if you can help it because it doesn't seem like he's too concerned with being in a relationship right now