What do you think of good girls vs trashy girls?

I consider myself a good and classy girl, I don't dress revealing at all, I don't curse, I spend lots of time with my family and go to church, etc. I'm in high school, and the girls I'm around aren't classy at all. They dress and reveal their bodies to everybody, they cuss a whole lot, get in fights and have been with all the boys there sexually. I'm asking what you think of good girls and trashy girls because the boys at my school pick the other girls that act way over me and a few other girls like me. They don't even notice us. I hear that boys respect classy women more than trashy girls etc, but I've never experienced that. I sort of want to be noticed more and to be honest with you I've considered trying to be more like them to be noticed more but then think about it and can't bring myself to it. But anyways, what do you honestly think of the two? Is it just a maturity thing that they don't want anything serious and don't respect those girls or do they really like them being that way? They call me boring if I don't want to go out and party and have sex... I know different people think different ways but I just wanted to get other guys perspectives... thank you
What do you think of good girls vs trashy girls?
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